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Military helmets - Image by israel palacio

Our Founder

Dontae Johnson, Founder Armored Souls Foundation


Armored Souls was launched in the third quarter of 2022 by Dontae Johnson, a father of two beautiful daughters and US Navy Veteran who was injured in training and received an Honorable Medical Discharge.


Returning to civilian life was challenging, leading to a stent of anxiety-fueled fear, depression, and self-sabotage. During this time, Dontae’s marriage came to an end. He spent 2.5 long years homeless, 1 year living in his car and 1.5 years bouncing from one hotel to the next.


After cracking a tooth, Dontae went to the VA for dental care only to find that because he wasn’t 100% medically separated that he only had two options—pulling his tooth or pain medication. Dontae was in disbelief. Even after serving his country, his only options were to remain in pain or go toothless. He knew he couldn’t be alone in his frustration.


This frustration transformed into purpose, sparking the idea for the Armored Souls Foundation. Dontae’s cracked tooth lifted him out of depression, saving his life—by inspiring him to serve his veteran brothers and sisters who risked their life for our country just like he did.

Armored Souls Foundation provides our unsung HEROS with the quality medical, dental, and mental health care they deserve. Our services are 100% free, including transportation to and from medical appointments, vaccinations, preventative health care, preventative and emergent dental care, talk therapy, and more.


Reach out today to learn how you can help Armored Souls uplift those who’ve sacrificed so much for the freedoms we so often take for granted. 


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