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Who We Are

Over two million American Veterans are uninsured, 354 million war survivors suffer from PTSD/MD, and over forty thousand are homeless in the United States. 

The Armored Souls Foundation was established with one goal in mind: to provide homeless/displaced Veterans with the medical and community services they so desperately need to improve their already challenging lives. This initiative will fill a major void that the Veterans Administration lacks the staff or resources to fill.

Despite the fact that Veterans who have a 100% medical separation from the United States Armed Forces are well taken care of and have access to services and programs, most do not. Veterans who have medical separations ranging from 1% to 99% do not have access to the same level of medical attention and services from the VA Health Care System. Due to life-challenging circumstances, many Veterans who are 100% separated don't have access to the VA.

An effective solution to a problem is more permanent than the problem itself

What if there was an organization that could rectify the challenges these soldiers are facing?


Armored Souls Foundation aims to do just that. As a nonprofit organization, we will provide free mental, dental, medical, and rehabilitation health care to better prepare them for civilian life. Our Veterans have sacrificed everything to make us safe, now it's time for us to do the same.

Please join us in the fight against this epidemic by becoming a part of the solution. Our Veterans deserve more than a general, "Thank you for your service." You can support them by joining the Armored Souls Foundation and honoring them one Veteran at a time.


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